History of Louis Vuitton Handbags

Any woman who is a fan of designer bags would have heard about Louis Vuitton. The story of this fashion house goes back to the mid-nineteenth century, when modernization in its true sense had just begun. At that time, anyone and everyone who could afford traveling did so. Travelling to different places became a trend and companies started realizing that they could expand to newer markets and places never gone before.

The beginningLouis Vuitton began as a unique brand right from the start. Vuitton opened the first store in Paris, in the year 1854, by the name Louis Vuitton Malletier or Louis Vuitton Trunk Maker. The first years were devoted to developing designer trunks, with waterproof canvas. Many innovations and creations followed the first flat-topped trunk introduced by this fashion designer. Here is an interesting fact that you should know. Louis Vuitton is believed to be the most counterfeited brand in the history.

The handbags After the death of Louis Vuitton in the year 1892, his son Georges Vuitton expanded the business to great heights, and started the production of women’s designer bags. Vuitton went to the extent of revealing the brand to the American public at the World’s Fair in Chicago in the year 1893. Since a lot counterfeit Vuitton bags were being sold in the market, Georges came up with the Louis Vuitton logo and the classic ‘Monogram Canvas’ design.

In 1901 came the classic steamer bag, which became a cult hit in an instant. Later, after the World War 1, Vuitton came up with a series of designer handbags such as the ‘Keepall’ and the ‘Noe’ bag. The latter became an instant hit with Parisian women, paving way for the designer label to launch its foray into the world of fashion accessories for women.

The new dawnWith the death of Georges Vuitton in 1936, the fashion house was taken over by his son Gaston-Louis Vuitton. He steered the company into completely new directions, also modifying the ‘Monogram Canvas’ in 1959. They changed their coating methods allowing the fabrics to keep their suppleness and beauty. More, the handbags by the company are known for their strength and permeability.

Today, Vuitton has become a huge designer label for women’s designer bags along with other brands like Gucci. The handbags produced cater to the different tastes of a woman. True, many of the handbags are expensive but well, they are made for an elite class of people. A woman owning one will surely feel special.

Hermes Handbags – Adore Yourself With Hermes Exquisite Collection

Women and beauty are two sides of the same coin. It is hard to find a woman who does not want to be beautiful and fashionable. Make a fashion statement with branded accessories like handbags, clutches and jewelry. Designer accessories are a must in a woman’s closet because of its product quality and style. Owning branded handbags especially the world renowned Hermes Handbags portray your exquisite taste. It is an unavoidable accessory in the closet of many Hollywood stars and celebrities.

Women and Handbags
For centuries handbags have been an important part of a woman’s life. This is basically because females are known as caregivers of the world and love to organize everything. Handbags serve them in a number of ways to achieve this goal. This necessity over a period of time has become a fashion instrument. There are many famous brands in the market which not only help in organizing your day but also help in showing your traits.

Hermes Handbags is known for its pure luxury and exquisite craftsmanship. It is commonly said that if you want to impress your lady love make her feel special with luxurious Hermes Handbags.

Creating a Fashion Statement
Hermes Handbags originate from Paris which is one of the fashion conscious cities of the world. Some of the popular handbag styles of Hermes were co-designed by famous Hollywood actress and celebrities. The famous Birkin bag was co-designed by actress Jane Birkin. The Kelly bag which is named after actress Grace Kelly is also one of the famous collections of Hermes Handbags.

Hermes offers bags for day and evening purposes all made of high quality leather. Some of the very famous Hermes Handbags for the day are clou de selle, double sens, Victoria etc. They also offer clutches for evening parties and factions.

Women spent a considerable amount of money on fashion. They want branded goods with superior quality and functionality. This is the main reason why women crave for Hermes Handbags. They manufacture handbags which serve each and every need of a woman. Handbags from Hermes come in different shapes, sizes and colors. The Kelly bags from Hermes for example come in five different sizes. You can go for ridge version which has got stitching outside or souple version which has got a softer feel and inside stitching.

In addition to all this Hermes Handbags gives you an option to select from a wide range of material such as smooth leather, goat leather or exotic leather of crocodile or lizard. Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham are a diehard fan of Hermes accessories especially the handbags.

As far as colors are considered Hermes offer you an entire spectrum of the rainbow to choose from. Thus Hermes gives you a range of choices starting from color, shapes, sizes and material. Hermes products are definitely a head turner and a must for anybody who value style, luxury and fashion. Feel yourself a million bugs with Hermes collection of high quality, stylish products.

Conventional Yet Innovative Gucci Handbags

With a time-honored history and fabulous convention, Gucci Design House devoted itself to updating its traditional image by absorbing new fashion elements as time goes by. As I see it, there are altogether three elements to describe this luxury brand. That is Horse-bit, GG and Bamboo. In 1930s, its horse-bit and stirrup motifs on bags and trunks attracted sophisticated international clienteles. And then in 1940s the Bamboo Bag was introduced, becoming one the first of Gucci’s many iconic products. During the 1950s, the trademark green-red-green web derived from the saddle girth won huge success and remains familiar identifiers of the brand. 1960s witnessed Gucci’s squashing into the global spotlight with the GG Monogram logo, which has drawn the attention of celebrities like Peter Sellers, Grace Kelly. It was Audrey Hepburn who brings Gucci synonymous with Hollywood fashion, and thanks to Jackie Kennedy Onassis, the Jackie O bag pattern came into birth.

Originally it only offered genuine handcrafted leather goods, but in order to attract international fanfare and profits at all classes, it developed the fabric line. By then the GG Monogram bag was available both in high quality calf leather and twill fabric. Gucci’s developing process was not always as smooth and quiet as one hope. The decade 1980 witness the family greed and turmoil which almost lead to destroy of the Gucci namesake. Until Gucci’s gifted executive CEO Tom Ford’s arrive in 1990s, this luxury brand begin prosper and bloom. It invented bag in various patterns in different colors. Today, creative direction of Gucci is the responsibility of Frida Giannini.

La Pelle Guccissima-entirely original, heat-printed signature leather-has been launched and is destined to be the label’s next icon. Nowadays Gucci is wildly dealing in all kinds of fashion products, various bags, perfumes, sunglasses, watches. Just to name a few.

Gucci’s most renowned handbag patterns include:
Gucci Horse-bit Bag-the Horse-bit motif was firstly written into the house vocabulary in 1950s and was used on heavy tan leather saddle-stitched handbags. Later it has been miniaturized as hardware, which was schemed into embossed or burned-out surfaces on leather suede or velvet. In new times, Frida looks at the Horse-bit with fresh eyes. She even had blown up the icon to exaggerate scale on travel totes. Just like the one released to celebrate the 85th anniversary of this brand.

Gucci Jackie O Bag – This Constance Gucci shoulder bag featuring a double strap and a big H clasp own its name to Jackie Onassis. Later Firda reinvented this timeless pattern and here comes the New Jackie Handbag, which features round edge shape, signature detail that complemented by modern touches, oversized scale, ultra-soft body just liking the second skin of human body and a fresh color of violet, coral red or cloud white, together with a conventional muted leather tones.

Gucci Bamboo Handbag – It is the kind of large-topped sack-style bag with bamboo handle. This Gucci bag was one of styles first status symbols. Its bamboo handle is made from fine bamboo imported from Asia and is made with high technique craftsmanship. This natural and innovative bamboo detail often goes together with tassels.

Wholesale Designer Handbag – Fendi in Focus

Anybody who’s into the designer craze isn’t that into it without knowing Fendi. It is, of course, one of the most glamorous names to wear around. Whether that’s a handbag over your shoulders or a diamond-studded watch on your wrist, Fendi is one of the most powerful forces in the world of fashion. And it’s been that way since time immemorial. Ask you mom and she’d tell you she’s had at least one Fendi purse or tote in her life. If she never had one, she probably wanted to.

One thing about these fashion treats these days is they can come in bulk which make them incredibly cheaper. Wholesale designer bag varieties are now available and no longer cost a fortune. Yet wholesale or retail, Fendi always stands out. The brand is simply one of the most glamorous among the designer royalties but it’s nice to know it had its share of humble beginnings once upon a time. It was in 1980 when Americans first met Fendi in the form of leather handbags. New York and Los Angeles were the first two states where the brand first made itself known in. Today, it’s in every famous district in the United States and every famous fashion capital offshore. Part of Fendi’s charm is not only its beautiful and innovative designs. They also have diversified and went to production of non-leather bags, fashion accessories, shoes, coats and even fragrances.

The brand itself is associated with fame, luxury, fashion and everything high-end. Indeed, it must deserve every bit of glory that it enjoys. It has been around since 1918 which makes it nearly a century old. Nobody can argue with a track record and reputation that lives that long a time. If Fendi got here in the perfect shape it is in right now, there’s no doubt it deserves every fashoinista’s adoration.

If you are wondering if the brand is a person’s name, yes. It is the name of the husband of Adele Caserne who founded Fendi in Rome, Italy where they first sold exclusively fur and leather. Fourteen years later, the store branched out in the Via pIave region, still in Rome, where it became such a hit among those who had such fine taste in fashion. Every little bag and accessory became a fast favorite among locals and tourists and soon, the entire Fendi family was into the business.

The brand was already doing great but it was when Bloomingdale department store started displaying Fendi handbags that the name became an international hit. Soon, Europe was to be captured by this unmistakable fashion presence and then the rest of the USA.

Today, there is nothing glamorous that a Fendi shop won’t give you. Be it a handbag, a purse or fashion accessories such as bracelets and earrings, Fendi will always ring that familiar bell.

Your Guide to Handbag Styles

We all know there are so many different kinds, styles and shapes of handbags in the market today, not to mention all those gorgeous colors, textures and brands. As soon as you enter either a handbag section of a retail store or a designer brand handbag store you are exposed to an array of varying colors, shapes, sizes and of course price tags.

In this article I am going to educate you about the terms handbag industry uses to define various handbags and their shapes and sizes. That way when you go for your next handbag shopping you are not overcome by the variety there but rather have an idea of what you are looking for how to ask for that particular shape that is so in.  Hobos are basically small handbags with slouchy top and either a shoulder strap or small handle. These now do not come only in small sizes but there are now small hobos, large hobos and mini hobos on the market. Size of the hobo can also be chosen according to the age of the lady for example teenagers will look great with cute colorful mini hobos while mature ladies can show off their sense of style with medium or large hobos to carry all their essentials.

 Satchels are the handbags in various elongated shapes. They are a bit sac shaped hence the term satchel. These can be held in hand or carried with shoulder straps.

 They give you an air of confidence.  Clutches are small handbags and usually the evening bags come in this style. They can barely hold two or three things but the ways they are making them now are a huge boost to your sense of style.  Shoulder bags are large handbags that can be easily used to hold career woman’s folders or new mom’s baby diapers. They are easy to carry around. The tip about choosing them is according to their height and what part of your body you want to attract attention to. They should hang at waist if you are tall and slender or if you want to detract attention from your hips.  Messenger Bags are another kind of shoulder bags that are all the rage today and loads of designer bags come in this style. These are supposed to sling across your opposite shoulder for easy carrying. They are rectangular shaped and can easily carry your laptop or kids stuff. They usually come with shoulder straps and enough pockets to easily organize your things.  Evening Bag or baguette is another name for the formal clutches for your night out or glamorous dinner function.

 Backpack needs no definition. You carry it on your back and great for hiking, climbing and outdoor activities. Louis Vuitton has redefined the backpack with its great creations.  Totes are inspired form shopping bags and are mostly made of soft material like fabric and quilted material. They have small handles and great to tote around at beaches or picnics.   These are some main broad categories of the handbags. Of course there are many other that fall in these categories but are unique enough to have their own name like cigar box purses, coin purses, pouchettes, reticule, beach bags, straw bags etc. In my next article I will discuss some great well known designer bags who basically gave the style their name.

The Branded Bags

The origin of the history of the handbag came about so far in earlier times that nobody will be aware of when the first person had placed their treasured individual goods into a pouch for carrying. The term handbag was coined in the 1850s when bags designed for railroad travel were introduced. The production of carrying bags flowered in the last century. With all the designers and manufacturing solutions to draw upon, the range of bags has expanded immensely.

When asked whether one would like to carry a well-known bag, many of us would say yes. The reason that maintains lots of people away from those branded accessories is the high price. Then why on earth are people prepared to pay more for just an inexpensive bag? No, it’s not just an accessory. It is a famous handbag. It is one of quality, of taste, and of status.

The famous bag brands usually pay more to use those talented designers who design classical, elegant and fashionable accessories. Carrying a bag of famous name is like showing your taste to the public. People like to be regarded as an individual of taste. While there is a choice there show their taste, then why don’t you do it? Thus, people buy the branded bags.

With regards to buying woman’s handbags, know who you are buying from. Take the time to ensure the company is reputable and that the products they offer are authentic name brand products. It can be difficult to do this over the web. However, you’ve got a good shot of doing this if you purchase from some of these three reputable online stores.

The Power of Designer Names

Designer names seem to have become the dominant selling point of many popular fashions in the market today. People seem to leap at the opportunity to own something with Louis Vuitton or Prada on it. This demand for big labels is elevated by the glamour of these items placed in magazines and found on television, where these brands are elevated to near deity status. As a result of these brands popularity, many knock-off products have appeared on the market, and the designers have found themselves exploring different product lines.

The power of fashion designers is seen with likely the most power when it comes to handbags. Taking a walk through New York City, it’s impossible to miss the countless women with Coach or Fendi Handbags. While companies offer different styles, like Hobo International’s popular hobo bags, every company is coveted with a similar fervor. The desire for these name brands has led to an entire market of knock off bags. Hong Kong is packed tight with streets filled with vendors selling knock off versions of every designer handbag, making it difficult to know with certainty when you are finding the real thing.

Handbags aren’t the only realm of popularity for big name fashion companies. Colognes and fragrances dominate in a similar fashion, with Gucci cologne and Burberry cologne running high prices for their strong scents. Make-up works in a similar fashion, with Lancome cosmetics costing significantly more than their sister company L’Oreal’s products. The world seems powered by high end fashion as these companies drive tremendous sales and rarely fade.

With the success of their brands, many of these popular figures have extended their realm of sales to other markets, including home products and other accessories. Laura Ashley and Tommy Hilfiger bedding offer unique designs that sell well and bring classier alternatives to the bedding market. Watches are another hot commodity as Michael Kors watches are becoming more and more popular. The designers work hard to improve their sales numbers and so, one of the best methods is to diversify your product line to include every kind of market possible.

Overall, it is hard to truly state the impact of fashion designers in the world of consumerism. People like the reliability of a good product and these stylists have become almost sure hits when it comes to putting out popular designs. It removes the stress of buying something that might be ugly, as it has the endorsement of a fashion designer that rarely fails. The important thing to avoid is falling for the allure of designer names without keeping your own sense of style. Part of what makes the likes of Michael Kors so successful is that he brings his own taste to the market. Don’t forget to try that yourself and make your own style choices from time to time.

5 Top Classic Handbags In Fashion World

Handbag is always the symbol of one’s status and personal taste. In the past 10 years, ‘It-bag’ has even become a social phenomenon. Now let’s have a look at the 5 most popular original designer handbags in the fashion world.

Hermes Birkin
In the recent years, Hermes Birkin handbags are absolutely one of the most well-known and heartbeat handbags. The unique exterior texture structure, classic elegant design and astronomical high prices together make them be evergreen in the fashion stage. It seems that Hermes Birkin bags will not step down from the stage of fashion history.

Fendi Spy
Fendi Spy series bags are definitely worthy of the name of ‘It-bag’. Once launched to the public, this series of bags quickly became the big favorite of female stars, and in just a few months later it became the most common bags in New York Canal Street. The peculiar design and lavish colors, together with the ever-changing patterns, make this Spy suitable for women in the different ages. No matter it is the model with the eye-catching designer’s signature or the gorgeous and elegant black leather classic item, there is always one exact type catering to your taste.

Chanel 2.55How can a small handbag become a big trouble?
Yes, taking such a classic bag out is really troublesome. Even the fashion master Chanel had the worry after frequently losing handbags in some social gatherings. However, this is what inspired the fashion genius. In February 1955, Chanel launched this new art work which brought about a revolution (from which the name of Chanel 2.55 chooses). Firstly changing the military image of the straps, she added more female elements to the female dresses.

Balenciaga City Motorcycle
What make this piece of bag distinctive? The answer is neither the pockets which is tier upon tier nor the hand-feeling tassels, but its unique leather texture which is natural soft and even has the cupped surface. Various sizes and endless colors make fashion enthusiasts cannot help having a try with it. In the past 10 years, people’s fashion on it is only to rise.

Louis Vuitton Speedy
Adhering to LV’s ‘fashionable forever’ concept, Speedy is also in the ongoing updates all the times. After Marc Jacobs took over the brand, he especially focused on the effect of the new generation culture. To understand the sense of fashion of different cutting-edge artists, he has constantly contacted with some great modern artists. And people like Stephen Sprouse, Takashi Murakami, Sofia Coppola and Kanye West etc. have also made great contributions to build a good platform between this old-line classic brand and the pop culture of the younger generation.

Chic Dooney and Bourke Handbags

Who would have a thought that a business which originally sold belts and suspenders would eventually branch out to handbags, fashion accessories, luggage, watches, briefcase, shoes and clothes? Dooney and Bourke which was founded in 1975 by Peter Dooney and Frederi Bourke initially started their business with only two products: originally designed belts and suspenders. The business must have been good since by 1981, the brand decided to expand by including handbags to their collection. The initial Dooney Bourke handbags were the Tack Case and Equestrian Bag which were made from bridle leather. In 1983, the brand started to market their now famous All Weather Leather (AWL) bag which eventually set the Dooney Bourke brand as one of the top of the line fashion brands in America. The AWL bag is quiet distinctive with its sky blue duck logo which eventually became one of the brand’s more recognizable trademarks.

By the 2006 to 2007, Dooney Bourke started to cater to younger, hip clientele with their Emma Bag. The bag, a small oval sized bag is named after Emma Roberts, a budding Hollywood actress who, incidentally, is also the niece of the great Hollywood actress and fashion icon, Julia Roberts. Another famous young Hollywood actress, Hayden Panettiere also designed bags for the brand.

The brand is known for its chic, classic and even exotic designs such as the Giraffe print bag. The handbag comes in an exotic giraffe print patter in leather. It has dual shoulder straps, top magnetic closure and is embellished with a logo plate and decorative drawstrings. The handbag is further enhanced with an interior lining with zip pocket and cell phone pocket. This fashionable handbag can make any outfit look hip and trendy.

The Popularity of the Louis Vuitton Brand

Louis Vuitton handbags are known for their finesse as regards workmanship and unmatchable artistic appeal. When it comes to branding, LV is an international standard and other bags and suitcases are judged based on this brand.

The first design office was established in the year 1854. LV won bronze and gold medals at the World Fairs in the years 1867 and 1889 as recognitions for the excellent design of their bags. In the year 1892, the Company launched its handbag collection which hit the market. Louis Vuitton handbags are synonymous with quality and style. This brand is respected over the globe not only within the fashion industry but also amongst world class celebrities and personalities.

This brand is rated as markers of luxury, class and style and has become an industry leader. The bags are highly in demand and this is another reason for the replicas getting flooded in the market. Considering the exorbitant prices charged for an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag, it becomes difficult for everyone to possess one. This is when replicas can be bought at a much cheaper rate. This brand came into being in 1888. These bags were made of Damier Canvas. Both the designers Louis and Georges came out with the design which had the name L. Vuitton. Georges later came out with the Monogram Canvas wherein graphics and symbols bore Late Victorian influence.The steamer bag which was a small handbag was introduced in the year 1901 and in the year 1930, LV came out with their timeless and elegant beauty ‘Louis Vuitton handbag’. The brand Louis Vuitton took birth in France around the year 1800s. LV started designing luxury luggage and many customers were fascinated by it high end products. Dedication to quality and aesthetics is the reason for its brand image being so popular all over the globe. When the former designer Louis Vuitton expired in 1892, his son Georges got fully dedicated by taking charge of the company. This is the same year when the LV handbags got introduced.

Just to prevent knockoffs and counterfeiting, the logo was introduced and placed on every LV handbag. This pattern was established and recognized and the logo skyrocketed this brand to a celebrity status. The logo is an LV monogram in chestnut and beige color. LV stores were established all across the globe in fashion cities like Paris, New York, London and Washington.

Louis Vuitton is dedicated to quality and style. There are new introductions with different variations in the handbag. Lovers of this brand wait for new varieties of handbag and the company also ensures that they keep their consumers satisfied and happy. This brand is a status symbol and loved by both the rich and famous all over the world.